Let’s work together to secure the web!

We want to partner with you to add value, save time, and secure websites for our mutual customers!

How would you like to partner with us?

Agency Partner

Agency-managed client websites

You invoice your clients

You interface between your clients and us

We invoice you monthly

Strategic Partner

Partner website includes SMW offer

Package Lifetime SSL as value-add to customers

Handoff to our experts

We invoice you monthly

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate website hyperlinks to SMW

20% Sales Commission

Affiliate tracking link

We pay you weekly

Our goal is to provide an affordable and high value service

Responsive Support

Fast Turnaround Time

Simple Processes

Happy Customers

Installing SSL is tedious! We make it easy with zero downtime.

Let us handle the heavy lifting:

✓ After-Hours Site Conversion

✓ Request Certificate & Configure Auto-Renew

Re-add to Google Search Console

✓ Backup Prior to Configuration Changes

✓ Fix Mixed-Content Errors

✓ 301 Redirects to Redirect HTTP to HTTPs

✓ Google Analytics

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