We use a free, auto-renewing certificate from Let’s Encrypt, a one-of-a-kind certificate authority that specializes in free and simple domain-validated certificates.

The fees we charge are for our time and expertise to remotely help you acquire and correctly install an SSL certificate.  We take special care to adjust your website settings to work with “https://” in a way that doesn’t accidentally lose your SEO value. 

Keep in mind, you are not paying for the certificate itself, as we use Let’s Encrypt free certificates whenever possible.

As part of our service, we configure your web hosting to acquire and automatically renew a certificate from Let’s Encrypt every 90 days (this is just one neat part of how their system works).  We request a 2048-bit certificate using an RSA key pair.  The certificate uses the X.509 standard, and the certificate issued is for the general purpose of domain validation.

👏 Kudos for asking the most important question about our service! 

Not all web hosting providers are compatible with the free, auto-renewing SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. If we determine your hosting is not compatible with Let’s Encrypt, we will either assist you with installing a different type of certificate from your provider (see below) or refund your money.

Here’s a list of popular web hosting platforms that have some support or full-support for the free, auto-renewing SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt:

We created Secure My Website as a project of passion to help small businesses and bloggers who typically do not have IT resources or the time to figure out SSL for their website.

Additionally, our second type of customer is partners who serve a similar audience and want to work with us on a larger scale to bring our service to their small business customers.

Typically, after you complete your purchase, we will respond promptly to follow up with a booking link where YOU get to choose a convenient time to work with us via a web meeting.

The reason we use web meetings, instead of just asking for your credentials (yikes!), is that we want to adhere to the idea of best practices in security to keep your website and business safe!

Our goal is to schedule your installation time within 1 business day for Quick SSL Conversions, and 1 to 3 business days with True SSL Conversions. 

Realistically, how soon is mostly up to you.  We totally understand you’re a busy professional and it may take an extra day or two to schedule something depending on your availability.  We are in not in any hurry and also prefer to take the correct, non-rushed steps to convert your site to HTTPS.

Fortunately, we use a simple booking link that allows you to pick your time without all the back-and-forth of scheduling.

While there is a wildcard technology now available from Let’s Encrypt, we are not yet supporting this in our business model.  Since we charge for our time and expertise, it can take significantly more effort to secure multiple sites.

Depending on the number of sites you need to secure, it might actually be easier to use the single domain SSL certificates on each of your subdomains.  Once the certificate is set up correctly for each subdomain, they will automatically renew every 90 days without any additional work required.  Niiice! 😎

Yes! Our service covers installing an SSL certificate correctly regardless of which Certificate Authority you use.

Web hosting providers that do not support Let’s Encrypt often have certificates they sell for $75 to $350 per year.  Yeh, it sucks and is really old-fashioned to pay for a simple domain validation certificate just to stay in the good graces of Google 🙏

So, a better question may be, do you need to change your web hosting provider? Hmmm…  🤔

We applaud your scrutinous point of view. 👏

You are right. It’s not a good idea to trust people you just met online and give them access credentials to access your hosting. Don’t do that. Ever! 🚫

From our point of view, we can’t think of anything worse than having your server credentials, even when they are encrypted and sent to us in a password manager. 

A better way to secure your site is to work with you in real-time over a web meeting so that you can type in your credentials as needed and we can visually guide you through the commands for installing Let’s Encrypt correctly.  Sometimes this acts a bit like training and can help you learn a thing or two that you can use to secure other sites you manage.  Learning is always a Win-Win!  👨‍🏫📚

If that’s the case, we couldn’t be happier.  We’re doing a little dance for you and your awesome web hosting provider 🤗 

Our passion is to help the entire Internet be secure and the only way to do it sooner than later is if web hosting companies make it easy for their customers to enable Let’s Encrypt with the flip of a switch. 

One thing to consider after you get that Free Cert though: if you need help reconfiguring your site to pull only HTTPS content assets and have all the right redirects in place to let search engines know you moved your site from HTTP to HTTPS, then consider hiring us!  Small 🔌😜

Well, this is awkward 🙄

Sorry folks. Even as one of the largest hosting companies on the planet, GoDaddy offers very limited support for the free, auto-renewing SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.  Only their Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans come with the admin / shell access needed to set up the free, auto-renewing certificate. 

Opinion: While GoDaddy is superior in domains and DNS (their core competency), they often take an “upselling” policy towards their small business customers who don’t know the difference from one technology to the next.

Bummer. We’re disappointed in you, GoDaddy. 😞

Yes, that is in fact, our policy.  100% refund if we can’t help you. 

We understand that most customers are interested in Secure My Website for the ability to install the free, auto-renewing SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.  Even if it’s not possible to install Let’s Encrypt, we’d love to help you install a certificate that you can easily purchase from your web hosting company.

Not all web hosting companies will provide our hands-on approach to ensuring your success with HTTP to HTTPS conversion, so you may want to consider keeping us around for friendly guidance! 🎶

By now, you are probably exhausted from seeing this phrase on our site:

free, auto-renewing SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt

So, our hope for you and your website is that we can install that mouthful 👆one time, with a scheduler job on your server, and it will automatically renew every 3 months until the end of time.  Yep, just one more reason we love Let’s Encrypt.

That’s so perpetual!

We hear that you’re looking for a discount. The moola. 💵

Good news! We are happy to offer a generous discount for your bulk purchase.

Who qualifies for a discount?

  • Agencies who want to work with us to secure several of their client’s sites
  • Webmasters who themselves operate multiple sites
  • Affiliates who would like to refer us volume business over time

Because each of those is a different kind of partnership of varying complexity, we’ll need to talk to you directly to understand your needs better.

Shoot us a note on our Contact Form to discuss your bulk purchasing needs.

That would be amazing and we look forward to supporting you and your clients this way.  With Google Chrome 68 taking a firm stance on how HTTP sites are marked as ‘Not Secure’, we believe there will be a huge opportunity for agencies to offer their clients an HTTP to HTTPS conversion solution like Secure My Website.

Also interested in white-labeling our service?

If your goal is to offer our services via a white label capacity, we’ll need to discuss some more details of how that will work. 

Either way, please send us a note on our Contact Form to discuss further.

We’re glad you asked!

Yes! In fact, both of our conversion packages (Quick and True) come with support built-in for fixing mixed-content errors and setting up redirects for SEO. 

Taking care of these two critical steps is what differentiates us from the support you may not receive from your web hosting provider.

Our favorite answer to this question is a question in return:

If your current web hosting provider doesn’t provide these things standard alongside a free SSL certificate, would you agree it’s time to find a new web host?

Usually, these capabilities are missing on budget website hosts that either do these things poorly or cannot provide friendly support when you need it.

While you may end up paying more for a hosting plan that comes with all of these capabilities, you can truly have peace of mind that your website is being cared for even when you’re not looking.

Our team is comprised of web hosting experts, so please fill out our Contact Form to discuss migration to a web hosting plan that provides these capabilities standard.

The short answer is:  YES!

The long answer is that the instructions to install Let’s Encrypt will vary by the combination of these things:

  1. The web hosting provider where your site currently lives
  2. The website framework you use like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
  3. Your familiarity with running commands on a server command line
  4. Your knowledge of updating code and content in your website

If you’re looking for a fun learning experience and want to Do-It-Yourself, check out our Free DIY SSL Installation Guide for a general, best-practices approach that you will need to follow to account for the factors listed above.

Shoot! That’s an uncommon result.

Usually, the reason this happens is that a website does, in fact, have an SSL certificate installed already, except the website’s settings have not been configured all the way to automatically redirect someone from HTTP to HTTPS.  Proper redirects are an important step in installing a certificate and letting search engines know the location of your site changed.

If you’re in this situation, and you’re not sure why then consider hiring us to help you complete all of the steps needed to convert your site to HTTPS.

Why does my site need an SSL certificate?

Want to know more about our process & approach? Check out our free guide!