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As web experts, we've learned that it's usually beneficial to follow Google's recommendations:

Eventually, we plan to show the ‘Not secure’ warning for all HTTP pages, even outside Incognito mode. We will publish updates as we approach future releases, but don’t wait to get started moving to HTTPS!

Our Experts + Remote Support = Worry-Free SSL Install


We set up a web meeting to remotely guide your install.


A backup is taken in case we need to use it later.


Free SSL certificate is requested from Let’s Encrypt


We change HTTP to HTTPS throughout your site’s content.


Check for proper redirects, fix mixed-content warnings.


Resubmit your HTTPS site to search engines.

Installing an SSL Certificate can improve your SEO!

SSL Certificates are not just for e-commerce sites anymore. Search engines use HTTPS as a ranking signal.  Meaning it can’t hurt to have an SSL certificate for your website and probably helps your search engine optimization.

  • Request Certificate

    Request Certificate

    If your hosting provider supports Let’s Encrypt, this is Free! Otherwise, you will need to purchase a certificate offered by your web hosting provider.

  • Install on Hosting

    Install on Hosting

    Installing free SSL typically requires shell access to your web hosting and should be done after-hours to avoid the risk of downtime.

  • Modify Site Code

    Modify Site Code

    Your site’s code & content need to be updated with links that point to HTTPS.  301 redirects should be implemented for SEO best-practice.

Furthermore, your customers will love the trustworthiness of seeing the green lock icon in their browser.  They will associate this extra layer of security with your forward-thinking business that cares about privacy and security.

HTTP to HTTPS Conversion Packages

All packages include: installing SSL, fixing mixed-content errors, and adding SEO redirects! đź‘Š

Quick SSL Conversion

Small WordPress Sites Only
$79 per site
  •  Small WordPress Sites Only
  • Free Auto-Renewing SSL Certificate! *
  • Site backup is taken before install
  • SSL installation and testing
  • Fix mixed-content errors
  • Plugin-based redirects for SEO
  • Resubmit to Search Engines
  • 1 Business Day Turnaround
  • Good for sites with fewer than 10 pages

True SSL Conversion

All Popular Site Platforms
$139 per site
  • All Popular Site Platforms
  • Free Auto-Renewing SSL Certificate! *
  • Site backup is taken before install
  • SSL installation and testing
  • Fix mixed-content errors
  • Deep sweep for HTTP in code & database
  • Server-level redirects for SEO
  • Resubmit to Search Engines
  • 1 to 3 Business Days Turnaround
  • Best for sites with more than 15 pages

* Not all hosting providers are compatible with the free, auto-renewing SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. If we determine your hosting is not compatible, we will either assist you with installing a different type of certificate from your provider or refund your money.

Money-Back Guarantee

It is our utmost priority to help you convert your website to HTTPS with the least amount of hassle and ZERO downtime. Our process is time-tested and that means we know how to overcome difficult site conversions.

If we can’t convert your site to HTTPS using a FREE Lifetime SSL certificate, we may offer alternatives that have an annual fee from your hosting provider.  We’ll always ask for your permission beforehand and we won’t charge you for any additional labor.

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